Coughlin Can Help YOU Get into a NEW CAR TODAY!

Finance Department

Bad Credit? You CAN afford a NEW car! Let the size of the Coughlin Automotive Group work to help repair your credit. Do you have credit problems, but need a car for work, your family or to rebuild your credit? Then Coughlin Can Help! We have specialized Finance Managers at each location to help you find the right car for you AND the bank. We have 40+ lenders to choose from, and with over 3,000 new and used cars in-stock, Coughlin Can Help. Fill out your SECURE Credit Application HERE

Coughlin Can Help people with bankruptcy, foreclosure, slow pay, tax liens, repossessions and more. We know bad things happen to good people, and we are willing to work with you and partner up to help you get the car loan you need and a vehicle as close to what you want as possible. We will work with you and the banks to find the right vehicle with the lowest down payment and lowest monthly payments possible. Coughlin can help. Fill out your SECURE Credit Application HERE

Will Coughlin say yes? We will do everything we can to get you an approval. We can usually get anyone approved for a loan. It's always just a matter of finding the right bank and the right car for both you and the bank. Then it's just a matter of making the money work for you and the bank. With so many cars to choose from (3,000+), so many locations to work out of (10), plenty of New car brands (14), and so many lenders available (40+) the Coughlin Automotive Group will try to say "yes", because Coughlin Can Help! Fill out your SECURE Credit Application HERE